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Nanchang city public transportation circuit inquires
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230: Summer: 6:20——19:30; The winter makes: 6:30——19:00
→ of club of factory of chemical fibber of → of center of province painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style of → of garden of Changjiang Delta city → of crossing of Su Pu of → of 3 classics road → of bless civilian temple Hong Dou of → of alley of Yang Zi of 81 parks → is wireless power plant → → of opening of 3 well markets → of stringy gold tower is public transportation head office

231: (inside, exterior line) summer: 6:00——20:30; The winter makes: 6:20——20:00
The four seasons of 10 thousand divisions spends → of Nanchang high new developed area city (long) village of industry of → Ai Hu (grow) sea the United Nations General Assembly of → of government of district of lake of green hill of → of edifice of a person of extraordinary powers of → peaceful of number of phoenix of → of → pioneer software learns → of institute of → blue sky → of the village austral the pond

232: Summer: 6:00——17:45; The winter makes: 6:00——17:30
Square of → of mouth of fourth highway of → of the bavin austral → of the mouth austral fourth highway of → of Tian Youlu of railway station → east → of make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital of Nanhai of → of building of road → telecommunication covers with tiles child horny → the first hospital of city palace of culture of 10 → worker

240: 6:00——18:20
81 bridges → prosperous north → prosperous north is industrial and commercial bank → seas go up → seas go up → of factory of emery wheel of → of plant of cement of → of school of city building of gas station → falls collect → of → money courtyard farming the car is in charge of → of literary school of → of old business school fastener of → of place → army factory → farming old total school
Note: 81 schools are added to come when returning green hill crossing.

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