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Dish of cottage hill name -- yellow stew partridge
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Cottage hill partridge is to grow in burrow of wall of shade gully rock. Renown bare frog, spine head frog, body shows ochre, forelimb is small, hind legs is sturdy. Because its flesh is qualitative fresh and tender, fat is like chicken and get a name.

Day of cottage hill partridge hides grotto, night goes out forage. Body and general frog are similar, but put oneself in another's position is large, fleshy fertilizer, tender, delicious, average weight 3, 39, make an appointment with a jin or so greatly again.

Because cottage hill partridge is digested easily, nutrition is rich, the beautiful in fastening meat and fish dishes is tasted, the dish that cottage hill is raw material with partridge in store of each big travel shop cans be found everywhere, among them ” of partridge of “ yellow stew is one of dish of cottage hill name.

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