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Made of baked clay city absconds female accountant changes body hotel clerk esca
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A business adept, job the outstanding female accountant of enthusiasm of active, humanness, because be entered by accident,gamble only lair, unexpectedly divert company capital 90 thousand multivariate. On March 10, the member that public security bureau of city of tile-roofed house inn is investigated via detect group will be suspected of the female accountant Ma Mou of divert capital seizing, on March 16, police submits to to arrest to procuratorial work mechanism.

Ma Mou of 41 years old lives in Dalian city this year, the accountant that is graduated from some school is professional, bank of Home Ceng Zaiyi works. In August 2005, ma Mou applies for oily company of some food of city of tile-roofed house inn, when cash accounting. As a result of business very adept, job is active, humanness is enthusiastic, got the credit of company boss and employee.

Divorce before Ma Mou a few years, the child reads outerly, oneself a person is very doleful, when doing not have a thing in the evening, turn with respect to next buildings, see downstair somebody hit mahjong, go to collect is lively, in the course of contacts, ma Mou also begins to play rise, went up very quickly addiction. Later, in other gambling companions drive, ma Mou was walked into " cockfighting " gamble circle. Time is not long, 40 thousand yuan of saving of Ma Mou is defeated by light. Think of those who give the child scrape up to go to school money is defeated by by oneself smooth, ma Mou is determined to go to time " gain fund " .
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