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4000 restaurant day pours hill of wasteful and serious saddle ort 60 tons
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Great majority restaurant wants saddle hill to drop ort leftover everyday, a lot of consumer are in imperceptible in create very big waste. So, "Eat a meal " how many money should waste? How many money does hotel of saddle hill town drop one year?

Recently, the reporter investigates discovery continuously, add up to of steel wall hotel more than 4000, the meal that drops everyday is in at least 60 tons of above.

Repast wastes abuse

"Ask a guest to eat a meal, if the dish on final table is empty, that does not have face more! " deadbeat Mr Zhao thinks so. A lot of consumer are put in such idea.

Yesterday, the reporter visited hotel of our city much home continuously, after discovering client have dinner, remain a lot of course normally, odd quantity estimation all exceeds 20 % , the surplus surplus of a few old hotel achieves 30 % to arrive 60 % .
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