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Orgnaization investor pays close attention to way of golden hill hotel to act
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Xu Yuhua) a few days ago, completely current restaurant of hill of the first money paid for shares is in the travel hotel industry after 3 ground of Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai undertake orgnaization way develops recommend. Its " the substance of hotel of fast star class that makes internationalization is interlinked " fixed position, chain of will hypostatic hotel and the profit pattern that commercial real estate combines, drew the look that numerous orgnaization investor pays close attention to.

The reporter learns, this IPO issues add up to not to exceed 150 million, collect capital is used at construction to be located in the large omnibus construction of Nanjing city CBD, include luxurious flatlet hotel, international office building of 5 A intelligence. Of golden hill restaurant issue appear on the market, indicate the development of a golden hill restaurant entered new milepost, for the company implementation spans type development created advantage. The company that pays close attention to in the light of many orgnaization investor grows sexual problem, company president Ms. Li Jianwei expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, the strategic fixed position of the company is: It is ligament with capital, through buying, accuse, share, rent manage wait for a way, the substance of hotel of fast star class that makes internationalization is interlinked, farther promotion " golden hill restaurant " market force and competition ability, drive specialization, dimensions is changed, internationalization develops. Transverse manage the hotel band of as landed as commerce photograph, fore-and-aft and fast outspread fluctuation swims industrial catenary, strengthen the strategic cooperation that books the orgnaization such as agent of journey of system, international, airline, bank with the whole world, enlarge asset dimensions further, enlarge profit space, for the hypostatic chain of the company development lays next solid foundations.
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