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Low price of a slap-bang shop also should have accent
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Nowadays is popular a logion, cry " low-key it is accent " , means is an upright person not to want too make public, although downwind downstream also wants to notice attitude; In other words, although be in situation is reasonable, attitude low, can appear instead your elegant magnanimous, have accent.

Often take a settle or live in a strange place 3 do not leave one's line, incorrect to the person of course oneself: Although inn of serve a meal goes civilian to change a course to also want to have accent, anything but can abandonment.

, be in house home with the friend a slap-bang shop around is small drink. Inn-keeper gives a kettle first, a few cups. Go soon, have a cup the mouth has misshapen, friend face shows displeasure, nang is worn let a clerk change.

Next serving, seeing dish dish also have gap, the friend says humorously, how is this inn a few " the sick and wounded " , "Flesh wound does not leave front line " . On one page12 below one page
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