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Restaurant jockeys have a meal wheel defect is hurt into inspection shaft new ca
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Acaleph net on March 13 dispatch (photography reports reporter Chai Xiangyang) jockey to the front of restaurant door have a meal, the wheel gets stuck however was in before restaurant door in the well that has a lid, the well that is played covers damage. The new car that director gentleman is about to give the car to just was bought " denounce a view " , however again and again be rebuffed. Yesterday, hold the post of gentleman inquiry: "Am I true with respect to this avowed and hapless? "Am I true with respect to this avowed and hapless??

A many days 10 ago night 11 when make, hold the post of gentleman and friend to drive southwest river " 19 barbecue " have a meal, jockey before the door
When, abrupt horse breaks forepaw, an exterior looks very the well of level off builds abrupt lion to start to talk, get down the off-front wheel of the car. Hold the post of a gentleman to appeal to barbecue inn, a few services gave birth to a help to carry the car. But hold the post of gentleman discovery, the well lid that bounce just had bought him the new car of a many month is bungled, damaged is apparent. The gentleman took a picture at once and to " 19 barbecue " chief reflects a condition.

Express at surnaming a manager: The clearing before 19 barbecue door is the parking lot of negotiable securities of upstairs country letter. Right " 19 barbecue " view, the country believes negotiable securities and do not agree: They began to handle official bussiness here 2002, here is a parking lot really in those days. But after a few years, "19 barbecue " moved here, this field basically became the parking lot of 19 barbecue. And, both sides is unspeakable the information of own landlord.
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