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Harbin one restaurant much person nitrite is toxic
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Recently, outskirt of Harbin city talk " amount to field " restaurant produces bromatoxism event one case, 22 deadbeat are different degree appears harmful response. Through each square main rescue, current, remove two patients patient's condition heavier still outside, other patient already improved in succession. It is reported, concerned respect is found out, the reason is this restaurant cook uses nitrite when gourmet powder by accident. At present this restaurant has been closed down.

A few days ago, 2 patients come to Harbin city division of 2 courtyards emergency call, they appeared vomiting, disgusting, facial accelerate with giddy pins and needles, heartbeat wait for undesirable symptom. Subsequently, the patient that has same symptom in succession sees a doctor. As we have learned, these patients ever were in south forthright 388 " amount to field " restaurant repast, but has taken course is tasted different. To 8 days in the morning, already had 22 patients be in hospital, they appear generally unresponsive circumstance, have 4 patients be in a bad way, blood pressure drops quickly bring about shock. Classics doctor is diagnosed, the patient all is nitrite toxic. Current, all patients already broke away from life danger, partial patient still observes in the hospital.

As we have learned, the clerk of 4 restaurant includes in toxic patient. Introduce according to them, this restaurant the practice after year that day, chef discovery does not have gourmet powder, from the material that a bottle of similar gourmet powder found out inside ark, by accident prohibit the nitrite of edible regards as gourmet powder, the member that cause edible person is toxic.
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