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Peaceful restaurant shows nostalgic heat to will be greeted large-scale transfor
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Restaurant will greet the Shanghai peace that already had hundred years history to be transformed large-scaly before long decorate, because think the relive before be being transformed one time " Laohe is smooth " amorous feelings, a German dentist of 73 years old came on a special trip a few days ago restaurant is entered, in order to make commemoration day. The reporter learned from restaurant field yesterday, have with this Germany dentist " old peace feelings " citizen and tourist of China and foreign countries are returned many, restaurant is this special rolled out a series of classical rooms, classical dish to let everybody cross " nostalgic addiction " .

Vermicelli made from bean starch will drive last bus

"Shanghai peace restaurant 453 rooms " -- , yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw the super vermicelli made from bean starch of this peace restaurant, come from Doctor HennerEckhardt of Germany.

The calling card that come is given to go up in him, the front is the connection means such as his name and the address that are in Germany, telephone number, the opposite has a few simple words only, namely the fixed address that he comes to Shanghai every time.

Doctor Eckhardt says, since came to Shanghai merge into for the first time 1982 after peaceful restaurant, he was attracted deeply, come 15 years, he can come to Shanghai almost every year arrive twice, and every time comes, he is sure live in peaceful restaurant. As to the choice 453 rooms, because,be " this room faces the beach outside the move and yellow Pu Jiang, the scenery is very good. The scenery is very good..
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