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The passenger does not get off have a meal boss of restaurant of roadside of Zhe
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In new Zhejiang net on March 10 report (reporter Chen Guoliang) door of public security of county of Zhejiang become civilized, The Ministry of Commerce and Industry punished churchyard of become civilized of 205 nations line jointly these days the restaurant of a roadside that China port presses down and its boss, the reason is the passenger that this boss is suspected of be being consumed compulsively and beats up pass by passenger car to go up.

This year on Feburary 2 afternoon 5 when make, the coach that number of a plate is distant A34145 leaves for Zhejiang peaceful wave by Hubei Wuhan, 205 nations line opens by way of when China port is pressed down inside sublimity, passenger car berth was in meal of impediment of door of hotel of autumn grand car rests. The merchant of car hotel gets off at passenger of accost of car of some horse before last repast is consumed, on the car among them square lady of a passenger with abdomen do not agree to got off square lady is pushed before going up at the boss for hunger, square lady still does not agree to rise, he begins lady of the other side to roughhouse immediately. Result, the head of square lady is broken by more than boss (hind classics China port presses down cure of the 2nd people (hind classics China port presses down make a diagnosis and give treatment of hospital of the 2nd people and appraisal is slight injury) . After square lady is hit, report a case to the security authorities to police instantly.
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