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Hangzhou has chef to inform against lift oil of close restaurant black heart
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One boiler deepfry scamper decoct decoct, when should arrive to just be abandoned need not? Yesterday, is wall bulletin published " does frying oil let you be at ease? " hind, hangzhou has chef station to come out to inform against inside, content is surprising.

Chef informs against: "Hangzhou uses oil the dirtiest " cafeteria

Yesterday, one does not wish to disclose the full name, cook that having 20 years of experience, informed against him to think to wall bulletin " Hangzhou uses oil the dirtiest " a cafeteria.

This chef that once had worked period of time in this cafeteria discloses, this is the cafeteria of characteristic with the fish, need to use everyday panbroil the cooked food of scamper is more, for instance piscine head bolus this dish, it is to use fresh fish and flour what to scamper comes out is in in oil, because order dishes rate is very high, cafeteria wants on scamper a few everyday more even. And like scamper chop of piscine piece, strong-smelling preserved bean curd, braise in soy sauce also need to be in oil decoct blast, so cafeteria uses frequency with oily repetition very tall. On one page12 3 issues one page
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