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Restaurant sends fat fee dragon of rental platoon leader
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Yesterday morning, be located in the start business of a restaurant of road of north of Zhengzhou city culture, hit the billboard that gives a taxi driver cost of 50 yuan of benzine, attracted associate with go queueing up before hundreds taxi, cause this happening of a section of a highway is embraced.
Yesterday morning 12 when make, the reporter sees in the spot, about a hundred taxi is in culture road east side grows dragon since northerly platoon, before the restaurant door that discharges a new start business all the time from boreal annulus road, sufficient have 300 many meters long. Because the taxi held driveway, from south just embrace to traffic happening north. Meet a policeman 5 groups policeman is in dredge traffic, scattered the passerby that before be being squeezed in restaurant door, watchs the scene of bustle leaves.

Before the restaurant door of this new start business, hotel clerk placed a piece of table, put above full the conduct propaganda of this restaurant is odd. Discharge the taxi driver to the front of the desk, taking oneself relevant certificate, register on an edition that offers in this inn on oneself name, get 50 yuan of ready money next. The reporter notices, on that jotter kept name of a lot of people thickly.
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