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Vietnam serves property value to rise considerably because of inn of 2007 travel
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According to Vietnam " Communist Party electron signs up for " reported on March 8, although Vietnam cling to the ground, send a province person appoint the meeting is direct already rigor of each hall, branch, local government is censorial the travel during 2007 Ding Hai New Year and travel section serves the price, but almost all the case that the service of each type gives to rise in price now. According to Vietnam cling to the ground, the head saves commercial office to grow Chen Jinhui to divulge suddenly, the housing that still keeps original except hotel of each star class is rental outside the price, other price of each size hotel all rose 10 % come 50 % . Still have other the service of each type, be like: Lifesaving coils, the hire price of bed of sun umbrella, canvas also rises 4 to 5 times, meal price rose 10 % come 15 % , car guard expenses rises 1.5 to 6 times etc.

Mixed on April 30 May 1 sea consider, get the better of the grand meeting such as the peace that enter a mind to will come, rebade, ton of province is stable to travel price of the job carry out not determined, appear inevitably
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