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Hotel of the one Macao after Wang San opens a school to be arrested harbor plute
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Hong Kong regression has the typical person that drops greatly 10 years greatly, can weighs the legend in the city " prodigy brightness " Luo Zhaohui, become millions upon millions rich and powerful person by factotum, become penniless by millions upon millions plute again, more the suicide that burn charcoal is brought send crackbrained, be troubled by topic of the town, sell acoustical hide suddenly again in recent years, till the year before last year, because he is in room of hotel of Macao new century with 3 China woman, be suspected of peddling poison, Tibet poison and drug taking to be managed alarm arrest check to accuse.

He is in Macao yesterday elementary court of justice appears in court should dispatch, admit to control a crime, come after judge detain 15 days are adjudged this month.

It is Luo Zhaohui of 43 years old, after be arrested, allow all the time with bail await trial, next appearing in court is accompanied in father and friend yesterday. He expresses on front courtyard, because be in,2 years the business fails suspend payment, feel pressure is very great, come with drug taking consequently Shu delay pressure; He calls to do landed business in Zhuhai now again, one year income makes an appointment with 1 million yuan (Hongkong dollar, similarly hereinafter, about 200 thousand new yuan) .

The message says, luo Zhaohui and Macao " downtown streets Wei " (Wu Wei) the concern is deep, because this goes to Macao to have every time,the person is in for him obligate of new century hotel " long room " , allow to feed hold the post of, a certain quantity of chip lets him arrive gambling house is beguiling.
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