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"Party economy " the provincial capital after the section that hold heat in both
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If want to go recently,the hotel has a meal, must order ahead of schedule, and should bear a hotel to measure kimono Wu to go up in dish " embezzle part of what should be issued " -- the experience that this is the summary after citizen plum lady was attending N field to meet. The hot degree the slightest amount or degree of the closest hotel before no less than Spring Festivals, the many name with public affairs just eats and drink before the Spring Festival, spring Festival hind is the height that relatives and friends, classmate meets, many passenger flow lets a few hotels that recieve ability to lose a bit show exhausted state, dish is tasted, the service is in " shrink " .

Recently, mr Zhao and a few classmates get together, come to an agreement or understanding goes to a wine shop that often goes, can be that day when he calls midday, be informed: Had ordered entirely between the bag in the evening piece, medicinal powder still can order. This makes Mr Zhao very depressed.

Gentleman resembling Zhao is ordered so desk do not order the citizen that go up is too much. Health gentleman also is to prepare to have a meal in the late evening, call to be not ordered to 3 hotels that day morning between the bag, the reception of a hotel personnel tells him: "Have a meal to want to shift to an earlier date one day to order at least now, that day is to be not ordered for certain. " arrive from the Spring Festival now, provincial capital the silver of each hotel clang with a clang enter Zhang, especially a few famous, the hotel with better sign is more beg hard.
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