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Restaurant bowl does not servantchoose a person for a job for what wash compare
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In report stayed in new Zhejiang net in Hangzhou new Hua Lu on March 8 consider a gentleman to discover recently, an a slap-bang shop near his home was placed on table disinfect tableware sealedly with plastic film. These tableware are disinfected by company of disinfection of professional dinner service and sealed after packing, tear open commencement to use by him consumer.

Does dining-room do what not do oneself wash a bowl? "So do besides can let consumer feel convenient sanitation, still have a mainer reason: This can save an a labour that wash a bowl, clerk for dining-room. " the personage inside course of study says.

"With in a day of 100 person discharge of the individual calculate miniature dining room, what employ is in charge of clean job twice need to wash bowl of labour at least in the kitchen; Have dinner height is placed for the client dish, reclaim tableware, need the amount of labor of a clerk at least, according to the price of the labour market looks now, spending the artificial expenses expenses in a month is 3000 yuan, still do not calculate water and electricity, consume to wait. And the circumstance of at present is, although dining-room is willing to pay this pen salary, not particular also action gets enough hand. This tableware cleanness, reclaiming business if outside if wrapping, can save into many... " this is Hangzhou if Mr Wang often says an alexipharmic company chief that becomes tableware technically to disinfect the business. On one page12 below one page
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