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Hotel of Yue China business affairs
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Hotel facilities explains

Meal establishment

Hall of coffee of Chinese meal hall

Lie fallow establishment

Room of tennis court fitness

Serve establishment

Ticket Wu serves market

Supportive credit card

Book complement specification

· breakfast price: 18
· broadband: Have
After this · hotel is booked, the hotel goes to obligate at 18 o'clock. If did not arrive before designation time, will add collect fixed fee.
· payment: Pay downstage (Visacard, peony gets stuck, jin Sui gets stuck, the Great Wall gets stuck, long Ka, pacific Ocean gets stuck, east gets stuck, all things amounts to card, express, dalaika, JCBcard cash) .
· this hotel asks foreign guest guest is sure to leave English to spell.
· room cost includes a hotel to serve cost, do not include a hotel other charge, taxation and guest are additional the charge of the requirement.
· this hotel needs credit card to assure, read credit card to assure please clause and information safety and confidential measure.

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