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Big public house of the source in Nanchang garden
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Room with the price 24 hours book a hot line (the price is 0 express to change too fast, specific invite report to hang down ask, accept Sichuan and Tibetan district only at present book) : 028-66000603, 66000602, 66000601

Room Breakfast Retail sales price Discount price   Sweet guest room is contained early ¥ of ¥ 688.00 388.00 Advanced guest room is contained early ¥ of ¥ 1088.00 428.00 Luxurious guest room is contained early ¥ of ¥ 1588.00 448.00 Business affairs guest room is contained early ¥ of ¥ 1588.00 528.00 Luxurious guest room contains business affairs early ¥ of ¥ 1788.00 548.00 Business affairs flatlet is contained early 1088.00 of ¥ of ¥ 3688.00

Hotel facilities explains

Meal establishment

Diane is bag cake inn, big, hall of hall of coffee of the four seasons, Long Xuan Chinese meal, happy event gathers up high 24 hours of room, services sending eat

Lie fallow establishment

Fitness, swim, chess card, sauna, card pulls OK, hairdressing to beautify hair, massage, nightclub

Serve establishment

Business affairs center, hire Wu of car, ticket, washhouse, bazaar, parking lot

Supportive credit card

All things is amounted to (Master) power person (VISA) carry is connected (AMEX) come greatly (Diners Club) JCB card home issues silver-colored couplet card

Book complement specification

Of · this hotel add bed price to be ¥ every night every pieces of 188 beds
· breakfast price: 58
· broadband: Have (free)
After this · hotel is booked, the hotel goes to obligate at 18 o'clock. If did not arrive before designation time, will add collect fixed fee.
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