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Guesthouse of emerald green lake of the Jinggang Mountains
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Guesthouse of emerald green lake of the Jinggang Mountains

Hotel social estate: Hotel address: Jiangxi visits the region austral Red Army of level ground of Ci of city of the Jinggang Mountains 2 (343600)

Between continuous green hill encircle, in scoop up beautifully emerald green lakefront, tower aloft the hotel of emerald green lake of —— of guesthouse of advanced concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals that has a modernization.
Guesthouse of emerald green lake is located in downtown of the Jinggang Mountains to build the road austral alley and Red Army flourishingly to hand in collect place, communication is very easy, it is meal, accommodation, recreation, shopping good place. Guesthouse of emerald green lake sets center of hall of balcony of guest room of high school archives, dining-room, characteristic, luxurious singing and dancing, auditoria and big, medium, little assembly room, business affairs, hairdressing to beautify hair room, shopping centers, gym. Decorate luxuriant, establishment is all ready. Still can offer for the passenger the car rents and do sth for sb each service such as car, airline ticket.
Guesthouse has guest room 90, nearly 180 bed, outside dividing standard room, common flatlet and various and luxurious flatlet, have more abound the flatlet of Chinese style president of ethical characteristic. Guest room is capacious and comfortable, facilities is advanced, safe.
What match with photograph of top-ranking hardware establishment is the excellent service that guesthouse of emerald green lake rolls out. Guesthouse faculty welcomes your presence wholeheartedly.

Room with the price 24 hours book a hot line (the price is 0 express to change too fast, specific invite report to hang down ask, accept Sichuan and Tibetan district only at present book) : 028-66000603, 66000602, 66000601

Room Breakfast Retail sales price Discount price   Mark of a person of extraordinary powers ¥ of ¥ 480.00 210.00 General set ¥ of ¥ 880.00 410.00
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