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Management of contemporary hotel sale and innovation groom result experience
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3, “ is managed should thematic product wants to have distinguishing feature”
Careful and meticulous become fixed position of good market research, market, we are what kind of hotels, consumptive group is given priority to with what, what kind of product can just suit them? The lock decides our passenger source market, the market cannot confused, “ things of one kind come together, person with group cent ” is different of “ of hotel product make it, will special, new ” , from the change of the dress of hotel characteristic, employee, commodity 3 respects begin, the concept that the hotel sells is “ meal is the window, guest room is ” of a ready source of money we are so OK from make characteristic meal be breach, drive hotel whole consumption and person energy of life, guest room is rental those who lead the whole public house with all-around * run come motivate, of guest room transform need to accelerate a pace to take the place of, * of all previous classics year manage, the hardware establishment of our guest room needs to be adjusted immediately really, do the process that making choice greatly is an option market, begin to adjust from local district first, new clothes constructs a room or bag house price is inside 30% limits slow promotion, should give a visitor in order to choose leeway, let them can reflect ego, market sale needs to turn around guest demand, introduce the visitor first come, drive consumption with low product, much investment yields more, form benign loop, contend for occupy the market to own share, in order to realize economic benefits the biggest change.
Learn through this, let me have deeper knowledge to the hotel, experienced the vigor of the hotel and glamour truly, realize the art of hotel sale, true meaning and his value, between the job henceforth, the knowledge that my general learns through place handles hotel sale neatly in, accomplish the advisory give advice that is general manager managemant decision truly, it is the information center of hotel understanding market, it is the person carry out that the machinator that hotel figure publicizes, product sells, benefit of the economic benefits that lets our hotel, brand can innovate again tall.

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