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Management of contemporary hotel sale and innovation groom result experience
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3, the satisfaction of follow guest spends: It is the responsibility of employee, administrative responsibility, easy to feel when you whether when having difference with high level hotel, you had been found appearing problem.
Employee should have deep love for a hotel, care guest, embody hotel purpose, management should pay attention to detail, “ quantifies ” standard, expensive ” holds to in “ , find difference, reflect oneself distinguishing feature, want “ person to have without me, the person has my actor, person actor the person is my spy, special I change ” .
2, the content that learns according to us, shallow when to talk about oneself idea:
1, with containing employee and visitor originally artificially
The guest the first sensation to the hotel is absolutely and main, this is main two respects come to * reflect: Hotel characteristic reachs employee quality. As the hotel every employee should regard him as company image represents a person, figure good body, easy, dignified, every post wants major, class having a bit serves a standard, the requirement has deep love for guest of hotel, care, it is a center with the guest, make the guest produces credit, satisfaction to the hotel, the regulations system of the hotel needs to be made according to guest demand adjust accordingly, is not to want a client to get used to the system that abides a hotel, want to be a center with consumer, make big market with small product.
2, hotel 5 important build
(1) the product is built should have the new product that “ develops him the first times, the management idea of the first old product “ that washs out oneself.
(2) the environment builds ceaseless to consuming an environment innovation, want to “ has new idea every day, month in and month out has the guiding ideology that enrols “ newly.
(3) the market builds “ heart to have how old, market how old ” turns cake concept into dough concept, we should ask for the opinion that comes from each respect and demand actively, through have an informal discussion, listen to opinion, communication information to mix client contact feeling, the utterance that uses a client makes free advertisement for the hotel, develop broader client market for us.
(4) of public praise those who build silver-colored award of “ gold prize to be inferior to a client is complimentary, golden cup silver cup is inferior to the client's public praise”
What the mark with a successful company depends on it not only is famous degree have many tall, more be opposite at the client the beauty of the hotel praise degree have many tall, breed with what spend to client company loyalty, so we must give quite great effort for this, must maintain from beginning to end oneself the most outstanding product and service are shown in the client and before, to the client accident surprise and content exceed the feeling of a value.
(5) the activator that the brand builds a brand is hotel development and intangible asset, be live this, we should have bearing to decide a product, the product decides inn tastes “ 3 taste syncretic ” to manage a concept, from increase staff integrated quality grabs, those who build science groom teach and guide a mechanism, make realize the value that maintains hotel brand each, realising everybody is the one part of hotel brand connotation.
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