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" of meal market sale with 10 thousand change should changeless "
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This A Kang's master of ” be cominged to by “ detain does not lose popular confidence as expected, dish tastes ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh. The guest of Chang Laiyi and a small room has such opinion: Often eat Chang Xin, have already classical always have change again. The type of original creation dish of ease and wineshop of a small room can weigh the first of all in Shenzhen. Be like newest the ” of chicken of “ fascia Chinese caterpillar fungus that roll out: Handpick “ Qing Dynasty is far ” of chicken taking the land, match with dip of soup of wintry Chinese caterpillar fungus ripe, make flesh of its skin bright slips, delicate and goluptious, chicken broth contains the scent of Chinese caterpillar fungus. Especially nostoc of —— of Wu Lingji precious, it is division of alga of door of blue green alga, beads, show green, it is extremely severe to zoology environment requirement. And nutrition is rich, special contain human body very rare the microelement such as the zinc that be short of, Selenium, its nutrition value already exceeded the bird's nest with familiar people even. Folk circulates refine is repaired in arrowroot Hong Zaishan in those days, often have this thing namely and emergence becomes celestial being, because this gets a “ nostoc ” . Nostoc is regarded as ” of “ green bird's nest, all through the ages is entered as articles of tribute offer a royal or imperial government. Pollute as the environment increasingly serious, output is less and less, it serves to show is precious. Guangdong saves altogether just a few jins, in ease He Xuan can taste ” of savor “ nostoc, it is a rare beautiful thing really.

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