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" of meal market sale with 10 thousand change should changeless "
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Regard a female as controller, she works do one's best already reasonable combine feeling again, pay attention to accomplish sth of human communication, mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, collaboration more. It is the most trifling that wine shop is managed, the most painstaking. Get in each coquettish Shenzhen meal course of study of 9 years, ease and Xuan Congkai course of study up to now, maintain admirable outstanding achievement and good public praise all the time, chen Zhilin can say to go up is the person that succeed.

“ I do not think the success is an ultimate goal, succeed even if a person goes after a by-product with perfect, outstanding pursuit. Work I want to be sure to oneself only, have a demand to myself, then I was done with respect to the method that presses my. Accomplished finally, the success is automatical thing. A make it of a thing, the life that lets me becomes easier and easier. I had done a business, tried hard, achieved stated goal, oneself heart feels already contented. ” Chen Zhilin says so.

We can experience the essential factor with the same person that succeed on her body: The self-confidence of abundant energy, height, still have the charm that nowhere is absent at the same time. Ancestral home Hunan, she south long Yu Ling washs plumbic China nowadays, army brigade career of 3 years, meal of 17 years manages all previous refine, change the flowery rainbow in her life.

Chef is the “ soul of wineshop”

The is oneself above all at all dish of restaurant market sale wants excellent, chef is the “ soul ” of wineshop, this is the sale marrow that more than 10 years meal manages Chen Zhilin. She says: “ the Zheng Yongkang of administrative total hutch's master here is by me ’ of hard ‘ detain comes to Shenzhen! Taste us the craft of this large kitchen. ” a little while, a few color, sweet, flavour came on all ready dish, beautiful lubricious cate lets a person not be willing to part with or use moves chopsticks. In joyous sound laughs in language, we are informed the old colleague that A Kang's master is Chen Zhilin, he rolled about 21 years in meal industry.

The administrative total hutch that Zheng Yongkang is ease and Xuan Shunde registered office originally, ” of person “ A Kang's master, with respect to the hutch because of him art masterly, humanness is optimistic, hopeful, so Chen Zhilin moves him forcedly from registered office came over. The hutch of A Kang's master art the cooked food that the result uses happy mood to make namely, the guest ate to also be met body and mind is cheerful. His work ever was recommended in the product of Guangdong food festival for many times in have the honor to win gold dish type. At the same time he also is French international cate conference member, member of club of hutch of another name for Guangdong Province, harbor, bay name, member of gold of club of star of Chinese cooking association.

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