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" of meal market sale with 10 thousand change should changeless "
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Ease and wine shop of a small room are special invite design of Hong Kong famous stylist, decorate style decorous, the wineshop of dish of business affairs another name for Guangdong Province that is class of a 5 stars. Decorate style to stress vogue and contemporary feeling, the environment of have dinner is easy, but the price that dish tastes tends “ civilian changes ” however, this consumes characteristic place to decide by the reason of Shenzhen namely. Ease and a small room not only can undertake eat of large business affairs, still can undertake the marriage banquet of a variety of styles, the space in the hall can be divided can close, arrange marriage dinner according to guest demand. Additional, large bag room can be accommodated 5 to 7 desks banquet, suit contemporary youth to place small-sized marriage banquet very much. Marriage banquet cent is a variety of norms, convenient client chooses.

Ease and a small room still introduced the national course type such as France, Japan, Thailand, combine taste of innovation of dish of our country traditional another name for Guangdong Province, abounded dish type already, make broad deadbeat can taste savor more again delicate cate.

The management of soft bowel of bone of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct person

Chen Zhilin says: There is sale inside “ market sale each brilliant old practice, I generalize it for ’ of ‘ story sale, our ease and a small room should build hundred years old store namely, the story that I and ease and a small room produce today, the years in future will become a kind of legend. ”

Chen Zhilin passes refine of harden oneself of army brigade career, make she becomes the woman of soft bowel of bone of an a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct. Handle the work, she is excelsior, strive perfect. In the life, she leads a gender and optional, arrange its nature. In employee eye, she is an elder sister of A continuous heavy rain that is worth to they trust and be relied on. A young female employee just enters wineshop job, the bag of the elder sister of A continuous heavy rain that sees her is particularly beautiful, reaved jokingly: “ lets me also carry two days on the back, smelly beautiful smelly beauty. ” does not know this bag completely actually value thousands of yuan, careless Chen Zhilin also not dispute. The ring that wears on her hand sometimes, also can be worn a few days by lovely female employee go off with. But, if the job is medium accident of whose occurrence what, she is handled gravely certainly, absolutely explicit.

In guest eye, she is affection of one individual character candid, fine-looking the woman that coexists with wisdom. , the fim Bao that the guest in wineshop orders is dissilient on banquet, at that time guest very fire, chen Zhilin knows to understanding circumstance goes there on horse of this after the event, want Bao of fim of kitchen master reorder to come up, the guest says not to need, want her to drink leave it at that of wine of a few dock-glass. She the reputation for the company, also mix for guest interest the atmosphere of repast, chen Zhilin is none hesitant, drank a few dock-glass readily, and before sending guest desk fim Bao afresh, for this, that evening the guest of repast is right she very admire, everybody became a good friend now, also become frequenter.
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