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" of meal market sale with 10 thousand change should changeless "
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● “ with 10 thousand change should changeless ” , the live way of the enterprise is sought in change.

● trend does not have the bronco of bridle like, who to see can ride it, and firmly ground drives drive it.

● has train of thought to just have an outlet, train of thought comes from inside the market.

● chef is the “ soul ” of wineshop.

The cooked food that ● uses happy mood to make, the guest ate to also be met body and mind is cheerful.

“ trend does not have the bronco of bridle like, who to see can ride it, and firmly ground drives drive its ” . Ease and Chen Zhilin of chief inspector of sale of market of restaurant of business affairs of Xuan Ding class say to the reporter.

The sunshine afternoon is scattered fall in in Lou Yi and 5 a small room carry letter town square on the head inside the be born glazing with big broadness of wineshop of class business affairs. By the seat before ease and vise general manager of restaurant of business affairs of Xuan Ding class hold bearing of market sale chief inspector Ms. Chen Zhilin concurrently to walk along be born glazing gracefully, qing Li's countenance is appearing spell able, courageous and resolute temperament. This and she 3 years professional soldier experience is concerned. She says: “ my father is a soldier, I am brought up in barback as a child, the effect that be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears suffers my father is the biggest. This experiences the soldier I all one's life benefit from is endless, as a soldier, church the courage of my conquer difficulty and ability, press forward with indomitable will, never character is defeated. ”

She is calm the past that talking freelyingly to be like smoke, the heart was full of the deep feeling to career and life. Her god Qing Dynasty enrages the temperament of bright, resemble the green tea before euqally dinkum.

Manage for the target

Regard the vise general manager of ease and wineshop of a small room, sale as chief inspector, mention the popular trend of dish type, chen Zhilin thinks two cities photograph compares Guangzhou and Shenzhen, having disparate color. She says, guangzhou food basically is the mainstream with dish of another name for Guangdong Province, it is OK that restaurant opens in Guangzhou “ with changeless should 10 thousand change ” ; Be in Shenzhen criterion otherwise, it is “ certainly with 10 thousand change should changeless ” ! The live way of the enterprise must be sought in change.

She says, manages for the market person can be a craftsman only, and runs for the target person ability becomes a master.

She is in market sale, be good at holding big dietary popularity trend. The name that ease and a small room resemble it is same, want finally to confront respectable visitor with elegant bearing, the market that meets cruelty with conducting oneself in society gently competes, push the window of economy of field of reopen after a cessation of business finally, receive a condition of month of Ming Chengche. Square of town of the letter in “ is the heartland of Shenzhen commerce, the nuclear core in this heartland divides our optional location, it is the ‘ vane ’” that aspire wants to become Shenzhen meal course of study to lead style, she says.
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