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Decode phenomenon of sell like hot cakes of hotel of business affairs of calm bl
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After and be in owner and hotel management company signing the contract that rent, shanghai friend happy hotel manages a company to will perform hotel management duty, besides be managed daily, still will press a contract every months punctual collect the rent of owner into its bank account. Additional, limited company of management of investment of friend happy hotel is owner adequately people consider, annual according to not the 0.5 % under price of building total house plan carry maintenance special fund, use at the reparative job of property, include the maintenance of the public facilities such as hall of hotel old hall, elevator, and guest room is decorated, of the furniture inside guest room, electric equipment update. Do one's best expires in the contract that rent hind, go to an appearance like new property reassign in owner hand. Additional, as the landlord of the hotel, every owner still can enjoy hotel of business affairs of calm blessing scenery annual hotel of 10 days enters the right freely. In those days if was not used,enter advantageous position freely, OK still postpone arrives the 2nd year, and during be being entered freely, owner can enjoy hotel VIP service and treatment.
Take a fancy to the market prospect with economy good hotel just about, chinese Guang Dayin also is taken an active part in all right, offer public house of business affairs of amorous feelings of the blessing that it is calm honor the agreement defend case, let owner set one's mind at, put hire of collection of a person's mind.
And investment of happy as the Shanghai friend of hotel management company hotel runs limited company, its register capital to amount to 20 million, european head office owns several hotels in Europe, capital total enough provides powerful safeguard for the accrual of investor, and hotel issue with company actual strength defend case, offer beneficial of the 2nd great profit to assure for owner.
The hotel still considers the risk with uncertain market, the 6th year after owner buys property property right, hotel management company wants annual with a certain quantity of buy property to owner, interest of utmost safeguard owner does not get loss.
The place on put together is narrated, the sell like hot cakes of hotel of business affairs of calm blessing amorous feelings is the thing in reason!

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