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Dragon tiger hill
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Accommodation information

The room cost of tiger hill does not consider dragon high, the price of double mark house in guesthouse is in 200 yuan in, still but bargain; A few in small hotel is cheaper, the price differs to 100 yuan from 339 yuan; Local farmer also can lodge in the home, the price is decided by both sides. 1, because hill is tall mist is much, should bring rain gear, it is beautiful with poncho. 2, should notice to protect thaw to prevent slippery, unfavorable wear strong base shoe and high-heeled shoes. 3, the area that did not open to tourist do not be headed for, lest inner ear is mixed,appear accident. 4, hill altitude anhydrous is drinkable, should water of provide for oneself. The non-professional is asked not nightly mountain-climbing. 5, should not be on hill camp etc.


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