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Dragon tiger hill
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Of dragon tiger hill magical be in its cliff grave group. Go boating on Lu brook river, before cross-strait precipice still draws 巻 to show an eye like a history. Each cliff coffin pit, configuration each different, on any account is differ. Some only hole odd bury, some Lian Dongqun bury. Flaxen ancient coffin and chasm bottom seal the slimy brick clarity between the door to see. According to textual research, this is the grave of Gu Yue of period of age the Warring States's person, be apart from already had the history 2600 today. Hundreds of cultural relic that archaeology worker is disentombing, if 13 bowstring marimba, twill spins loom and crockery, carpentry, thin bamboo strip implement wait very precious, can calls Chinese cliff grave museum of the birthplace of culture and cliff grave culture. And bury of the place inside the grave is what kind of the person of the identity, why to want adventurous bury to enter cliff, how to put into cliff in, still be a mystery up to now. Shanghai respected severe professor to pass long-term research with aid university land 1989, in cliff of water of celestial being of dragon tiger hill, use period of age the Warring States to winch, pulley, rope waits, undertook cliff coffin hoisting experiments, succeed, how to put ” to “ , had a view. Be in everyday now cliff of water of celestial being of dragon tiger hill has such show, by the brethren that place makes a living with extracting drug 5 brother show next demand to tourist, have the condole, whole process that enters hole, exclaim making a person unceasingly.

Traffic information

Dragon tiger hill is located in another name for Jiangxi Province east 20 kilometers locate southwest of city of pool of traffic hub eagle, traffic is very convenient. Railroad: Accipitral pool is located in mansion of another name for Jiangxi Province of short for Zhejiang Province, Anhui another name for Jiangxi Province, eagle of 3 trunk railway hand in collect place, can arrive directly at the big city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Kunming, Changsha, Nanjing, Nanchang, 9 rivers by train. Highway: The long-distance station of side multiplies accipitral pool railway station on the west the regular bus of direction of cliff of water of past celestial being (5: 30—17: 30, 15 minutes, fare 5 yuan, half hours can be amounted to) . 206 countries (head of Yantai — Shan) , 320 countries (Shanghai — luck beautiful) course eagle pool, to Long Hu the traffic of hill also goes to the lavatory because of this. Aviation: Dragon tiger hill reachs airport of hill of Fujian fierce exterminate 116 kilometers, be apart from Nanchang airport 120 kilometers. Canalage: Can arrive at Po Yang Hu by ship.   

The food of the daily life of a family that the dish cent of dragon tiger hill has Jiangxi and dish of peculiar Taoist school gust, dish of the daily life of a family has strong countryside feeling, and Taoist school dish criterion accumulate contained connotation of rich Taoist school culture, not only delicate and goluptious, and beautiful of lubricious fragrance all. Banquet of division the Eight Diagrams mixes the You Yitian in Taoist school dish on clear bean curd is famous, although they are Lenten, but the sort of lubricious flavour can let you pour out of saliva however. The graph is on clear bean curd, every dish is by bean products firing. These dish are in on quiet ancient town can eat.
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