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Dragon tiger hill
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The communication of dragon tiger hill is very easy, offerred huge to go to the lavatory for the tourist, and exterminate hill, north receives its Dong Linwu Dou Jingde presses down hill of Huang Shan, cottage and porcelain, can very count Jing Lianyou conveniently.

Tourist attraction overview

Entrance ticket: Receive hill entrance ticket: 91 yuan of abbreviation: 0701 provincial capital: 335001 positions: Be located in Jiangxi to save southwest of accipitral pool environs 20 kilometers place. Climate: Winter of dragon tiger hill is very not cold, summer is very cool, so the four seasons suits travel. If the tourist thinks saw with one's own eyes witnesses the Long Hu of —— of Taoism grand meeting of dragon tiger hill hill Taoism Cultural Festival, can be at the beginning of October come here, annual came on October 3 on October 9, global Taoism believer gathers to hold all sorts of Taoism laws to meet here, occasion is very lively. Area: Landscape area amounts to 200 square kilometer to control “ of dragon tiger hill 10 do not get ” tourist attraction: Nun back bonze goes not to get fairy to deserve not to get lotus to wear do not get celestial being peach to eat not to get red spoon to use do not get hall to sit not to get Yun Jin to wrap around not to get rock beat to knock must not sword stone tries must not

Scenery brief introduction

Of dragon tiger hill be in adorably its landscape. The dragon tiger mountain that forms by gules grit cliff has nature of 99 peaks, 24 cliff, 108 place and humanitarian landscape, strange peak show goes out, 1000 appearance 100 condition. Some lion resembling hero turn round, some is like eminent writer to brood, some still has the “ that be called by local common like …… of gigantic elephant bail the 10 view that do not get ” , can let person have visions of more its Jing Zhimiao. Be like: &Ldquo; Yun Jin wraps around not to get ” , “ dawdle to collect do not get jade of ” , “ to comb comb do not get spoon of ” , red to fill must not fairy of ” , “ displays a flower to deserve not to get nun of ” , “ to carry bonze on the back to go must not ” . These distinct in the landscape that “ does not get ” , implicit respective and wonderful fokelore, listen come lifelike, aftertaste is boundless. The Lu brook river in dragon tiger hill originates in mountain of Yu Chongshan high, be like the jade belt of a meandering, the strange peak dragon tiger hill, strange stone, Mao Lin, series connection that repair bamboo is in its two sides. River water verdure is like catch, lovely. When 1000 stream attack cliff, fund of the fund when water delay and row, water low point swims the fish can be counted, green jade does not see an end in water. With hill lithofacies companion, formed “ coloured glaze of water of a gully closes, 10 thousand what the Shan Zicui that fold the cloud piles ” is strange beautiful picture.   
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