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Chart of high official position memorial hall of person of 8 big hill
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Tourist attraction overview

Contact means: Address: Phone of date of?59 of broken Zhuo of Beng of  of  Qia happy event: (0791)5273565 5277005 opens time: 8 ∶ 00 - 18 ∶ 00, holiday is nonstop. Entrance ticket: 10 yuan. (the serviceman, old person that has card of give special treatment is free) . The position: Be located in south Nanchang city 5 kilometers manage an area: General picture of 3960 square kilometer: Memorial hall of person of 8 big hill is located in south Nanchang city outskirt 8 kilometer, it is courtyard of channel of music of high official position formerly, monarch was memorial hall of person of 8 big hill in October 1959, chart of high official position is a history formerly the path courtyard with long, beautiful scenery. It is the tourist is fixed eyes upon from of old scenic spot the ground.

Scenery brief introduction

Before having inside garden, medium, hind 3 halls. The hall offers sacrifices to Guan Yu before, nave offers sacrifices to Lv Dongbin, dian Sixu inferiors after. Hind there is Gui Shu to count a branch in hall courtyard, according to legend is 10 thousand brace up yuan hand establish. Every come midautumn, gui Xiang 4 excessive, ten cent quiet and beautiful. The Gushu inside whole garden is very tall, meandering is deep and remote time, encircle of the Qing Quan outside garden, in be troubled by, take static, carefree and content. The Tibet inside garden has Zhu Da of person of 8 big hill (1622 - 1705) authentic work. Zhu Da, of Ming Dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang child Zhu Quan's descendant. Bright after dying, weigh blow in order to sink to him, the monk is first, it is after, then resume secular life. Zhu Da is home of clear acting famous painting and calligraphy. Zhe Mu of “ of Song Hege of ” of graph of carry on one's shoulder of Chinese ink of its masterpiece “ , “ bird Shi Ge ” , ” , “ establishs accipitral graph ” , “ Shou Lu the ” of masterpiece “ cat of graph ” and Niu Shihui. In the meantime, set off one another the Jiangxi in willow green banboos corridor of tablet of painting and calligraphy of painter of the first ancient time showed person of 8 big hill with masterly lapidarian art high-quality goods of more than 100 books, new photography exhibited landscape of open memorial hall of person of 8 big hill to also provide trail of look for celestial being to the audience with excellent photography skill the edificatory of virtuous mark.

Traffic information

Be apart from Nanchang urban district only Cheng of 20 minutes of cars, from 81 bridges pond child the river can arrive directly by 20 buses.

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