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Waterside in relief building
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Scenery brief introduction

It is at the beginning of Zhao Piao waterside inscribe of in relief building a horizontal inscribed board. Two walls set thing of first floor hall two large porcelain board picture, coloured drawing or pattern is worn “ Song Gongming hair matchs ” of river state city, “ to waterside in relief Lou Songjiang inscribes the ” that turn over a poem, “ Huang Wenbing to design Liang Shan of ” of river harmful the Song Dynasty, “ ” of execution ground place of execution of disaster of berth good friend lifelike, to waterside in relief building added legend color. 2 buildings are an exhibition hall, exhibited the introduction watersides the book of history of in relief building and place scenic spot scene picture. 3 buildings are corridor, basically display calligraphy and painting. 4 buildings are private room, filled up with archaize desk and chair, set archaize music teahouse. Waterside in relief building is wine of dissolve name building, famous book, name those who be an organic whole scenic spot. The tourist drinks here Pin Ming, uprise looks far, but general view watersides in relief Jiang Fengguang.

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