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Wu source
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“ one ancient bronze mirror opens half mus of Fang Tang, daylight cloud shadow wanders in all, ask if make,canal where is gotten clear, come for active head flowing water. ” this is the Southern Song Dynasty Zhu Xi of home of famous a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties praises the line of source of home town Wu. Two water of “ place bright mirror, double bridge falls rainbow ” , copy Tang poetry and the Songdai of the name is ancient bridge rainbow bridge, it is the masterpiece of bridge of Wu source corridor. Here all around green hill is like black, green water is long below the bridge flow, the both sides of the bridge has corridor booth, the both sides that corridor wells balanced has bench of stone desk stone, be here or taste chess of tea play chess, or the scene that browse, outside letting you feel a world mix leisurely halcyon.

When the Wen Gongshan that from county southwest 30 kilometers control has pay respects to sb at his tomb of Zhu Xi return to one's native place with one's own hands cultivated Gu Sha 24 (contain the meaning of 24 filial piety) , even more up to now 800 one's remaining years, the way corp is growing still exuberant, of Gu Sha gigantic, for domestic place infrequent.

The lake of an affectionate couple with zoology beautiful environment, an affectionate couple with didymous group, if the flower broadens in Yu Hu berth, always together.
Wu source products is rich, have the green ” of tea “ Wu of famed China and foreign countries, the top grade in green tea of China of it may be said; The pouch red snapper with delicious flavour, be known as ” of other people of “ world day; The ” of inkstone of “ dragon end of Shi Guanqun hill (inhaling inkstone) it is one of 4 name inkstone of Chinese.

Wu source is called “ China's most beautiful country ” . Reside the natural landscape that is combination with hill, water, bamboo, stone, tree, wood, bridge, booth, gully, beach, grotto, flying waterfall, Zhou Du, Gu Min, having the artistic concept like the Land of Peach Blossoms, like the landscape painting with a boundless lasting appeal, form a distinctive and beautiful rurality to visit an area, to people one kind returns to nature and transcendental and free from vulgarity feeling. Long to those classics city is noisy ripsnorter people for the artistic worker with hobby travel, art, photography, swim to Wu source or collect creation material, cannot say not be a kind of beauty to enjoy with well-advised choice.
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