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3 clear hill
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Peak of Na Qingtian door
Be located in northwest of jade Beijing peak, confront each other with clever chelonian peak, ground of 3 clear blessing is among two peaks the door of strategic pass day of 3 clear palace. The peak resides north of 3 clear palace, male the last of the twelve Earthly Branches is form home day door; " father " “ day door flies entiring ” sign, taoist school points to a heart or nostril is day door, friend name. Altitude of day door peak 1568 meters, landform high free from worries, enter a peak from industrial district face, want to climb a paragraph of cliff to reach peak top, because rock is ascended hard, the ancients is engraved on cliff have ” of “ day ladder two big character. The peak is one tremendous granite very bright and clean evenness has system hundreds square metre. Stand on top stone, eye shot is open, marvellous spectacle of the East China Sea, west hill the setting sun, hill of boreal slope layer, south head the highest peak in a mountain range, all stop eye ground. The foot issues 3 clear palace, star of Tsinghua, clean garment, contain 3 pools, 9 dragon pine forest, general view does not have involuntary discharge of urine. Luxuriantly green of the pine on the peak, blame stone again and again, hole of violet smoke stone, Thunder God stone, red furnace stone, Fei Yinshi, rising sun waits scenic spot.

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