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3 clear hill
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Jade shade chute
Be located in stone of 3 clear hill to rouse mountain in the glen forest on this. This waterfall mark, some depends on precipice closely, winding and labyrinthian, intermittence; Some is impending and below, if water shade is lop. Be apart from this waterfall a li of or so place, have one cataract again from dangerous fly on cliff fall, 34 meters more than tall, go up 18 meters more than wide, below 30 meters wide, far see just like hang Bai Yuzhu shade to be hanged high at horizon, look to seem gem of 10 thousand a dry measure used in former times again nearly, be high up in the air is shaken off.

Tempest tower
On the cliff of north of dragon tiger hall. Generation of the Song Dynasty is built. Clough is faced before, imposing manner is grand. The tower is with the megalith on cliff base, with the granitic bottom that divide a tower, tower, cat head 3 paragraphs of chisel do alternate of build by laying bricks or stones to become, 6 5, tower brim horn becomes warped up a bit, cat head is assemble pointed type. The tower is 2 meters tall, exquisite of of primitive simplicity, it is bright phearl of ancient architectural of 3 clear hill .
Tempest tower is not far from king blessing grave, it is the annexe of king blessing grave formerly, from can area viewpoint sets out at that time to avoid the wind of mountain pass and build, friend name ” of “ tempest tower. Pine stands firm all round tempest tower, the scenery is gorgeous. The east faces big pool here, eye shot is open, it is the good place that watchs a sea of clouds to see sunrise.

Avalokitesvara listens the lute
Be located in below mountain of cloud of 3 clear Shan Zhina, ladder. Between 10 thousand lis of river Chinese, group peak assemble forms a cluster, among them one stone peak sits up like old monk, left hand holds the lute in the arms, the right hand moves spring; If avalokitesvara is big,have one peak look again person face monk and stand, evil spirit be like celestial being of lute of listen respectfully of wirh fixed attention happy. Hill wind slowly, shed fontal loud and clear, look at this peak, side side is like have tweedle.

Monkey king watchs treasure
In 2 pier north. This stone crouchs like the monkey sit, the hand holds treasure in the arms to view and admire.

Python gives mountain
Be located in Shan Zhina of 3 Qing Dynasty, stand erect with goddess peak photograph. This peak draws near closely cliff, rising to a height from inside clough dash forward erect, develop Yun Tian continuously, more than meters 120 tall, peak end form is like anguine head, peak waist somewhat degree of finish, the body that be like a snake stands firm, be exactly like fierce change of python day day, imposing manner is threatening, it may be said is rare gigantic wonderful view. According to legend it is jade emperor group will move the black boa put sb on the spot that hill creates the of great capacity, it borrows water from the East China Sea, desire unkennel make trouble, be used to grow a cane to wrap up the ground to be strapped by goddess glossy ganoderma, immediately the action is not gotten, after dying peak of melt into stone.
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