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3 clear hill
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Goddess peak
Belong to 3 clear hill 3 big absolutely one of scene, be located in Shan Zhina of 3 Qing Dynasty, peak of face jade Beijing and stand, more than meters 86 tall, overlook is watched nearly, examine from each angle, this peak all form if girl, plump and beautiful. She is tall bridge of the nose, cherry mouth, round chin, beautiful hair neat shoulder, front of a garment sits up, wirh fixed attention is contemplative; Both hands is holding two Gu Song in the palm, if meaning wants to make spring scenery always is stationed in the world. Its peak muddy is like uncanny workmanship like that, accomplished this honour artistic curiosa. The only daughter that girl of according to legend is the below hill one old person that extract drug originally, for rescue many local people, the sea in divulging jade emperor to want to reduce 3 clear hill, turn into common people the nature's mystery of merman, just be punished by jade emperor and of peak of melt into stone.

Day of day of 10 thousand fluorene
Be located in southeast Yu Jingfeng. This peak unplugs the ground and case, establish a face to make the same score thin. As a result of granite perpendicular joint development splits up, if peak body rock is cut, form strip cranny, line is even, shape is like bamboo slip, friend name. According to legend, too on old gentleman is in Yu Jingfeng and play chess of numerous celestial being, hear blare below cliff one times suddenly, old gentleman turns a look down at, see python defeats cliff and go out, be about to kill nearby an old woman, have a heart of old gentleman heart, conveniently casts next bamboo slip Confusion classics press down python. There is one megalith rise high into the air below Jian Shufeng now and rise, its shape is like boa, vicinity has countrywoman of be similar in shape of one danger cliff. The string of be linked together of a few scenery this one tourist attraction comes to fokelore, increase many interest to tourist.

Celestial being Yuan Xiufeng
Be located in cliff Long peak on the west, unpluggingly and case, qi show goes out, friend name. Peak body all around cliff bluff is steep cannot climb, irregular of the rock on the top is protuberant bone Qiu of a few individual plant loosens to destroy stone and go out, attitude facile and graceful.

Yu Jingfeng
Common weighs wide smooth needle, different name Kong Ming is pointed. Be located in the center of 3 clear hill, with jade empty, Yu Hua two peaks vessel stands erect stand erect, altitude 1816.9 meters, it is clear hill the first height. " Shi Laozhi of book of the Kingdom of Wei " carry: Of “ Taoist school former, stem from father, its from character also, be born congenitally, as a way of 10 thousand kinds. Yu Jing is in on, the Wang Zhizong that it is a god; Be in below violet small, those who be flying celestial being advocate. 3 Qing Dynasty of ” hill of name of mountain system Taoism, its are highest peak of Beijing of jade of peak friend name. The peak is very outstanding have two big rock. The engrave on side rock cliff has ” of “ Yu Jingfeng east big character of 3 regular script, topmost evenness dates 0 square metre, there is one party rock among, quarter have chessboard, fokelore is too go up old gentleman and place of play chess of numerous celestial being, ” of stone of person “ chessboard. The cast-iron surveyor's beacon that side has a the Chinese People's Liberation Army to always join mapping bureau southeast its, the elevation for Yu Jingfeng is nodded. On the west hollowness of side rock relief, there are two conjoint megaliths on, sharp edge be like edge, very difficult base oneself upon, the engrave on rock wall has ” of stone of “ be raised to the skies 3 words, than east side rock wants 3.08 meters tall, “ here leaves ” of day of 18 a unit of length, be 3 clear hill extremely very. Imposing manner of jade Beijing peak is grand, topping Yun Tian, east, south, 3 rock are like high and steep on the west, extraordinary is arduous. Side of the northwest below the peak is cereal of flying celestial being, abstruse Mo Ce. Have in ascend extremely mountain, stone Deng is winding and labyrinthian nonstop peak supports. If be in,face its peak personally 9 clouds, the bluff below the foot 1000 an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi, wei Ya is about to drop. All round group the peak interweaves, freely of deep and remote big pool, look down at makes poll dizzy dazzled. The station carries overlook on the head in the peak, hill of smoke of look as far as one can does not have time place, ethereal world looks in. “ is worth day of bright beg Qing Dynasty, correct cottage, po water concealed points to like that consider a ” . Yu Jingfeng south, 3 peaks lie between a fabled abode of immortals big pool and row, abrupt and beautiful, luxuriantly green charming is emerald green, strange beauty is moving. Top of jade Beijing peak looks sunrise is one great marvellous spectacle, dong Shengru of the rising sun bright and beautiful go up gold dish, too many beautiful things. Encountering mist having the cloud is a scenery, from time to time is vast be like the sea, dimly discernible of from time to time is like gauze, tourist takes a step go in the cloud, stretch one's hand can catch the cloud, peremptory world elfland.
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