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■ the method that computation of dining-room weighted averages notchs:
The per cent of the sum multiplies the use gross area that takes dining room according to the usable floor area of each dining-room to notch with this dining-room project, reach the cent after increasing advantageous position is worth, the cent after increasing each dining-room advantageous position next is worth addition, reach namely dining-room the weighted average of this project.
(the case that cites a ground to decorate material below)
For example: Some restaurant has A, B, C3 dining-room, the area is 30m2, 200m2, 500m2 respectively, their ground adornment material is A respectively high-grade, B intermediate, C is general,
Via adding authority to be calculated on average weighted average is material of adornment of ground of this hotel dining room 4.2, take the integral part of its weighted average according to national level, criterion material of adornment of ground of this hotel dining room notchs for 4 minutes.

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