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33. Why be low noise commode? How are advanced commode and common commode divisional?
Low noise commode is to point to when rinsing a process to give water, sound is inferior, outside eliminating normal flow sound, the special sound when having pump water and the sound that return vital energy, release GB6952-99 standard place to show according to State Bureau of Technical Supervision, high-grade toilet noise is not more than 55dB, peak value does not exceed 65dB, normally norms is even form of characters or letters.
Advanced commode shows norms is lengthen commonly model or even modelling of form of characters or letters, eject siphon type is not more than fittings of 55 DB small water tank with noise giving water, and common model form of characters or letters pointing to cent or groovy modelling, general cistern fittings reachs noise giving water to be more than 55dB.
34. What is high-grade the toilet glass that prevent mist and high-grade much face toilet glass?
High-grade the lens that prevent mist shows lens face itself has the function that prevent mist, do not written guarantee because of the vapor of toilet mist. Function of much face dress and make up shows toilet glass has much lateral, divide namely outside establishing a range, side establishs a face to also have lens side, the person that can make make up from lens face inside immanent and proper point of view much to observation.
35. What is to heat heat preservation lamp?
In the season with inferior temperature (be like a winter) , the infrared ray of a kind of explosion proof of to assure toilet temperature special setting the lamp, general wattage is 300W above.
36. How to calculate have cry for help pushbutton?
Toilet of average guest room, it is what prevent accident and install to cry for help pushbutton. Cry for help pushbutton but center of call guest room, disabled room has special railway line to cry for help commonly pushbutton.
37. What is to make up magnifier?
Make up the can retroflexion multipurpose lens that magnifier points to alone installation, one side can magnify, use normally at the same time, because can magnify, cause interest must be reached at shave make up.
38. Wall hung do high-grade blower and common blower function have why to differ?
Wall hung use advanced electrical micro-machine and high-grade blower is designed for toilet of hotel guest room only. Divide beautiful outside, because secure,the biggest advantage is go up in the wall, it has a magnetic interface, after getting off automatic hair drier, insert after closing cut off the power automatically.
39. How to increase advantageous position does average computation dining-room notch?
■ dining-room needs to increase advantageous position the main item that average computation notchs includes:
◆ ground decorates material (5.2.1) ◆ furniture (5.2.2) ◆ lamps and lanterns (5.2.3) ◆ tableware (5.2.4)
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