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Contemporary achieve wholesome clean to provide include face basin, its brand, breed, quality, norms, type is various the need that rolls out more exiguous, better product to satisfy the market ceaselessly, because this uses brief written language the specification is advanced with average branch it is more difficult, 3 big when use with respect to general restaurant toilet now namely face basin, tub, implement differ from brand, norms, function try to distinguish.
■ norms: It is with the basin below the stage exemple, face basin function is to wash one's hands wash a face, face basin crosses congress to make water consumption big, too small conference makes be splashed outside water, the restaurant of different grade should choose the face basin of different specifications, toilet of face basin ambassador is shown luxurious, face tub is little make toilet is shown general, accordingly the face basin of first class allows water quantity actually to should be more than 10 litres, under 10 litres for average range basin.
■ contemporary face basin is to wash one's hands not simply, the appliance that washs a face, however the focus of toilet, the face basin with the adornment because this is lacy stronger sex such as basin of face basin, the face that surround grain, vitreous face basin should be high area basin.
■ brand: The famous brand that the market imports now has American division to strap (KOHLER) , Japanese Dong Tao (TOTO) , German Han Sige is elegant (HANSGROHE) , French Dan Li (DYNASTY) , American beautiful mark (AMERICANSTANDARD) .
29. How to distinguish advanced bath crock and common bath crock?
The grade area dispenses of bath crock afore-mentioned face basin cardinal principle are same, but there are more differences on norms and material and workmanship, limit its grade, pledge besides its material outside, the workmanship design that still can adopt it, appearance and fittings grade will distinguish.
■ material distinguishs character: Bath crock has except exterior glaze layer kind outside be the same as, the component of material cardinal principle that basic level of bath cylinder body uses is a few kinds:
◆ is cast-iron (body of basic level embryo is certain ply cast-iron, middle-level is layer of certain ply enamel, harder, facing is level of certain ply glair, common calls an enamel the layer) ;
◆ armor plate (basic level is punch armor plate, middle-level is layer of general ply enamel, more fragile, facing is layer of general ply glaze, common calls an enamel the layer) ;
◆ armor plate and fiber composite material (burgeoning composite material is mixed by basic level fiber and middle-level punch armor plate facing is multilayer fiber is compound and into) ;
◆ fiber (arrive by basic level facing is by multilayer fiber and special material and glaze layer are compound and into) .
Note: Systemic tub reachs fiber for pottery and porcelain more two kinds.
Baconian: Advanced bath crock uses material majority to be cast-iron reach special fiber kind material jar is simple; Common bath crock uses material majority to be armor plate, armor plate and fiber composite material, common thread.
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