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■ use high-grade material to decorate entirely, craft is delicate, point to two kinds of types: Employ capable person of high grade stone entirely, include to wash side stage, ground, metope to wait, integral effect beautiful, colour is luxuriant, tonal and unified, have individual artistic emotional appeal, all corner binding off is hit have mouldproof fluid sealant, stone material is accurate to seaming without by accident, aperture is close and even.
■ introducing high grade ceramic tile is to point to: The ceramic tile that apply can build distinctive artistic color, wind restoring ancient ways is case, for instance primitive style, Rome style, rococo style. Itself of ceramic tile product is famous brand product, size is large, construction craft and color each shining more brilliantly in the other's company.
■ use high-grade data for the most part, craft is delicate it is to point to: The body employs capable person of high grade stone or the face brick of the body can communicate a kind of distinctive language mark. If mesa, ground uses material of high grade stone, metope uses ceramic tile or mesa uses material of high grade stone, the ground, metope uses the artistic ceramic tile that has distinctive color.
■ use in the round intermediate material is decorated, craft is to point to very relatively: The ground, wall, mesa all is used homebred or decorate when landed common marble, although material is common, but tie-in relatively beautiful, construction craft is meticulous.
■ use common marble and part to use face brick material to decorate for the most part, craft is to point to very relatively: Mesa, ground uses common marble, and metope uses common glazed pottery, this distinguishs what often depend on metope material to apply with on one kind, do not have on craft very difference.
■ use average data, what craft points to commonly is outside eliminating mesa stone ability, all use glazed pottery wall, ground, and without distinctive and artistic grade, construction craft is common, wall, ground is common to seaming the effect, local aperture is inhomogenous.
27. Wet departure does in not less than guest room toilet of 50% in, what is doing what wet area points to?
Dry wet area basically is apart in the guest room toilet of luxurious hotel reflect, basically show what go up in the function is divisional, it is normal to do an area to point to commonly wash gargle, make up, shave needs the relevant function area that wait; And wet area is to point to the functional area of the respect entering bath such as room of commode and shower, tub, evaporate; In toilet of luxurious hotel guest room, because the function considers more complete, the area is large, consequently it can distinguish both judgement, but also small toilet achieves such requirements, for instance some toilet are divided into two parts, each other is not affected, also can achieve the goal with dry wet separate division.
28. How to distinguish what guest room toilet uses is high area basin, be still average range basin?
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