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Better: Show do manual work is more painstaking, juncture is even, binding off level off is unified, installation is accurate, material has certain off color character, furniture interior processing is general, feel is general.
Common: It is to point to charge for the making of sth. relatively level off, although place of corner binding off does not have aperture but line is not exquisite, not flowing and even, the open such as drawer, door has amlposition, open and close close rough whole. The biggest characteristic is furniture after use period of time problem of easy occurrence repair.
About using paint: This actually drag in is mixed to aesthetic change filmy sort, brightness of every paint film is downy, smooth all belong to without the paint that blocks a hand high-grade.
Brightness of every paint film, even, smooth paint is belonged to intermediate. Paint film inhomogenous or it is to have brush grain, grain, changeful color belongs to cheap lacquer namely.
22. What is guest room phone has what speech mailbox points to?
Guest room of astral class hotel is due a variety of function phones, possible sentence configures recording phone. Leave a room when the guest and wanted on the telephone receive, central exchange can leave a message the other side write down, dial this phone to go up next leave a message key-press flashlight, after the guest answers a room to discover, can contact with central exchange.
23. What is electric heat jug?
The electric boiled water that electric heat jug points to to one kind is used within hotel guest room to heat boiled water for guest self-help implement, have base of fission type power source commonly, water boil recloser, water level indicates the safe device such as standard and power source indicator light, dry protection, general technology index is 950W left and right sides, water capacity is not more than 1 liter commonly, voltage 220—240V.
24. What is electric heat irons pants machine?
Electric heat irons pants machine shows one kind is used at be being ironed for guest self-help inside hotel guest room to iron the machine of very hot pants of automatic electric heat of trousers, want to iron when the guest iron the operates lever general air trousers level that pants machine irons since trousers Shi Xiansheng is rolled out, lock up machine of very hot pants closely next, start time switch, after time arrives, time shut automatically, trousers still is put inside, want to wear pants till the guest, the guest puts out power source, rise to operate lever, desirable a trousers that has ironed.
25. Is business suit garment maintained what is those who point to?
Can deploy the figure station clothes tree of a tall 110cm in the luxurious flatlet of hotel of 5 stars class normally, general business suit is the longest won't exceed 80cm.
26. Guest room toilet decorates cent to be 5 archives plan cent, it is to use high-grade material to decorate entirely (high grade marble, high grade ceramic tile) , craft is delicate; 2 it is to use high-grade material to decorate for the most part, craft is delicate; 3 it is to be used entirely intermediate material is decorated (common marble) , technology is better; 4 it is to use common marble and material of partial glaze ceramic tile to decorate for the most part, technology is better; 5 it is to use average data to decorate, craft is general, how should be 5 class here limitted?
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