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Outside removing afore-mentioned factors, distinguish from select material; Furniture of high grade hotel chooses the following kinds of real wood and plywood to give priority to commonly: Wood of wood of eye of wood of the wood that cultivate pomegranate, Hua Zhang, red shadow, white picture wood, grain Ju wood, Walnut, sparrow, maple, teak, acerbity branch, Hua Limu.
Intermediate furniture chooses the following kinds of real wood and plywood to give priority to commonly: Case of beech, Bai Song, oak, pineapple, northeast china ash, Shabili.
Common furniture uses material to give priority to with the following kinds of real wood and plywood: Be like plywood of wood of all sorts of hard miscellaneous wood, birch, oak, Chinese catalpa wood, miscellaneous wood, the surface sticks paper of the wooden skin, grain that stick wood to wait.
Hotel furniture needs to use material and furniture real wood to accept a margin besides afore-mentioned exterior place, real wood is propped up beyond, still can undertake distinguishing to base material.
The classics of real wood beard that place of furniture of high grade hotel uses is strict defatted, high temperature drying is handled, its base material is needed with joinery board or high density board, ply of mesa complex sincere must achieve 2.8-3cm above, be like,furniture place distributes complementary material: Material of shake handshandle, slideway, ornamental work of iron, stone and mild package fabrics (cloth of tall close together jacquard weave) , the beard is high-grade, luxurious, beautiful.
Intermediate furniture place picks base material with common carpentry board, beaverboard and close together moulding plane are beautiful board, mesa synthesizes ply to must amount to 2.8—3cm above, choose fabrics of shake handshandle, mild package with easy, intermediate give priority to (jacquard weave cloth or blending fabric) .
Place of furniture of average public house uses substrate by common particieboard or liner (abbreviation chop archives) , what use a metal commonner also, mild package fabrics with cloth of common jacquard weave or chemical fibber fabrics.
21. It is delicate, better that to craft of guest room furniture cent is in “ standard ” and general 3 archives, how should part?
The technology that furniture makes basically observes by naked eye and feel with the hand, also want to know the case that uses paint at the same time, with naked eye observation and hand feeling, difference of easier divisional craft, but the use that should understand lacquer is more difficult.
Say a few kinds of methods above all, better about “ delicate ” , “ ” , “ general ” is so divisional.
Delicate: Charge for the making of sth. is exquisite, juncture is even and close, without the interface of sunken raised bend over and binding off, line nature is fluent. Use light and smooth, fittings installation is accurate reach the designated position, furniture interior treats fine, feel is flowing, corner interface part does not have aperture, material does not have off color character.
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