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19. Why be disabled guest room?
Above all, the hallway of disabled guest room is not due doorsill, if have the area of different on any account, passageway is due ramp, the equipment inside the room can satisfy the general requirement of disabled life daily life, specific be like next establishment:
■ ramp should be controlled in 12 degrees the following;
■ room door, toilet door all not less than 90cm are wide;
■ door lock should be rocker hold hand (lock up a) , unfavorable with globose hold hand;
■ toilet is due larger space is convenient wheelchair is whirly, there is special campstool inside, shower wheelchair;
■ the special face tub that toilet has the disabled, tub, firm armrest should be set in edge of crock of wall, bath, lavatory, chamber pot, armrest should have level and perpendicular function: 1. Norms asks to go up, the door and lavatory the dimensional span between not less than 105cm. 2. Height of face basin mesa is controlled in 70cm, the fraise with influence deformity whirly car should be not had below mesa. 3. Sit implement height is controlled for 43cm. 4. Armrest of body of tub side side wall is perpendicular installation originallies closely, bear tensile not less than 100 kilograms. 5. Towel rack and clothes-hook do not exceed 110cm from ground height. 6. Type of activity of demand of shower liner spray is adjustable gush drenchs implement, deserve to 150cm controls long metal collapsible tube.
■ call pushbutton.
■ the door, curtain, switch all is remote control or switch position height should not exceed 110cm, lowest does not exceed 45cm.
■ braille serves a guideline.
■ garment lever height is hanged to be able to get used to the disabled inside almirah.
20. It is high grade, better that to material of guest room furniture cent is in “ standard ” and common 3 archives, how should distinguish?
High grade, better about furniture material cent, common 3 class, want those who understand furniture to use material above all. Current wine inn-keeper is provided, no matter astral level is much higher what go up as a result of cost is wasteful reach the change with people beautiful careful, the hotel uses completely real wood rarely kind furniture, it is normally at present: Man-made board combines real wood to make or union of material of metal of man-made union real wood, stone rises make.
Man-made board basically is used at making grass-roots unit in furniture, the bedplate that waits for level off like ark of ark of desk, TV, baggage ark, the head of a bed, tea table and part establishing a range, and real wood is done receive edge and foot, leg to wait to prop up or become independent part.
Asking aestheticly as a result of people is man-made board or real wood no matter, ask furniture surface layer has his the feature with natural qualitative talent, appeared so the man-made plywood that the surface pledges for natural talent, for instance: The man-made that all sorts of surfaces such as maple plywood, Ju wood plywood, oak plywood pledge for natural talent board, the man-made with this kind of natural qualitative talent board the exterior layer that adds the furniture that solid Mu Bian comprises, and man-made material is below exterior layer qualitative identical or adjacent natural fact wood, the talent on the furniture whole that such making is beautiful and natural.
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