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Astral class check drives mass promotion
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Because superintend not do one's best, level of management of part of the bag outside a lot of restaurant and service standard short of the requirement of astral grade level, affected restaurant whole badly to serve quality, also become the heat that astral class restaurant complains at the same time.

The swift and violent development of social meal course of study is managed to meal of astral class restaurant form powerful concussion. Some closer year, social meal connects exorbitant archives change manage, personalized service, brand changes construction and dimensions to turn beneficial result, race to control the market share that restaurant meal comparatives. How to develop restaurant meal to be in the traditional advantage of establishment of culture of technical actual strength, management, function and manpower resource respect, increase innovation of agile management, technology and capacity of market meet an emergency further, it is it is important to be placed before restaurant meal and urgent task.

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