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Astral class check drives mass promotion
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Develop new trend

Restaurant investment tilts to high end stage by stage, in mushroom of high-grade restaurant amount. Each district has a lot of is in to build or wait for judged high-grade luxury hotel, quite restaurant of class of a batch of small bits is transformed in succession upgrade, strive for class of rising Gao Xing.

Of restaurant of fast star class distributing to list city of city, provincial capital to expand to second line city from sheet of municipality directly under the Central Government, plan, expand to center-west region from foreland of the eastpart part.

Between each star class, lopsided aggravate develops between the area. High-grade restaurant manages outstanding achievement to promote considerably, rental rate chases a section to climb tall, average room price rises generally. Under photograph comparing, the market of restaurant of small bit class shows gliding sign however, in the part western area, the price war that grow in intensity makes restaurant of small bit class lives the environment worsens further.

Hotel construction and the environmental protection consciousness in managing increase ceaselessly. As managing model of social construction and new standard promulgate carry out, the green of restaurant manages concept and energy-saving synergism consciousness to be strengthened further, active promotion uses product of energy-saving environmental protection, guide guest green consumption.

The quality idea of astral class restaurant and brand consciousness increase apparently. Pass what “ sincere letter serves mobile ” to begin, restaurant pays attention to the concept that implements “ to be this ” with the person in the service more and more, reflect human nature to change with more considerate, subtle service, personalized characteristic. Restaurant owner more apt and collaboration of group of international restaurant management run restaurant, pay attention to the construction of company culture and the mining that manage connotation more, establish good social figure, devote oneself to to go specialization, the development way that the brand changes.

The development of small-sized economy restaurant more and more be paid close attention to. Be in under 2 stars class on the choice of hotel industry condition, restaurant owner more the economy with contracted, comfortable favour restaurant, use in order to decrease at the investment of project of a few form a complete set.

Main problem

Hotel industry place needs manpower resource to be in short supply apparently, what have modern management concept and development innovation capacity especially is medium advanced managing the talent is lacked badly, the management level that causes a lot of restaurant is low, soft hardware level is uneven.

Personnel fluidity is too great, the stability that affected restaurant badly to serve a level and rise. Rate of employee high flow brings about restaurant owner not to wish at the same time more investment grooms independently, turn and seek digs a person outwards, create shortage of resource of industry whole manpower and the vicious circle that exorbitant flow leads thereby. [Page]
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