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File the service of transaction of astral class hotel and administrative system
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Restaurant of above of 2 stars class asks to offer.
7, manual of working skill standard
If the technical work of the specific post that asks to country and local director branch and mandatory standard place is boiler, strong treatment of weak report, fire control, food and make etc, must have the written specification of corresponding working skill standard, of corresponding post must know from personnel of course of study dawn.
Restaurant of above of one star class must be offerred.
The bookshop material of the work skill standard that restaurant of above of 4 stars class still asks to offer the maintenance with area of facilities facilities, space and clean sanitation to concern.
8, the certificate that other can prove restaurant quality level of management or file
In afore-mentioned data that provide in restaurant, the quality that must reflect contemporary restaurant management and demand of place of astral class restaurant, environmental protection, science and technology and the acceptance that develop to local society culture, in relevant measure makes sure these acceptance can manage in restaurant, be able to carry out and carry out

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