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All sorts of non-staple food raw material that will pass rough machining are between the operation, undertake metage according to dish or quantity of cold meat need respectively, wash, cut, process distributing food, become those who need further treatment is unripe feed semi-manufactured goods, continue to send toward hot kitchen to machine the place of finished product again.
Between rough machining with a setting should be divided independently between the operation. Answer to the pull current line of finished product from raw material brief and smooth, without circuitous across. Between rough machining with the place with more discharge capacity is between the operation, should use open drain drain off water, facilitating cleanness reachs dredge. Contain fat drain off water, answer to be installed respectively with other drainage system, install the establishment that lie between oil. The appropriate temperature between the operation should be under 26 ℃ .
48, how is the effective sound insulation, adiabatic, measure that lies between flavour adopted between kitchen and dining-room?
The due and certain amortize space between 1 , kitchen and dining-room, use equipment commonly will regard as between eat transfer space, can wait for a method to solve sound insulation effectively through installing porch of double talk door, screen giving food, corner, separate the issue such as flavour, heat insolation, still can avoid repast guest the fluoroscopy to the kitchen.
2, designing a wind force to reach filling wind force reasonably also is very important. Enough platoon wind force can suck a large number of quantity of heat that kitchen cooking range produces and lampblack in time, ensure the airiness inside the kitchen does not have fuggy feeling, make chef has an easy working environment. The due and constant negative pressure inside the kitchen is worth (≤5Pa) , the lampblack that makes arise inside the kitchen, odour won't be gone to dining-room dissipation, in order to achieve the adiabatic, result that lies between flavour.
49, how do kitchen and hearth adopt the significant ventilated, measure that discharge wind?
The ventilated, system that discharge wind includes smoke evacuation to overspread inside the kitchen (smoke of type of Lian of cover of smoke of oily net type, water is overspread) , air exhauster (fan of centrifugal fan, axis shedding) , canal of smoke evacuation wind, send new wind canal and dimensional system, wind of effective ventilated, platoon must accord with following standard:
1, kitchen and food make the mechanical and ventilated take a breath between the hot-working between measure appropriate to balance consideration by heat, the 65 % of computational platoon wind force pass a fan housing eduction outdoor, and by the eduction of comprehensive take a breath of the room 35 % ;
2, exhaust overspreads an inspiratory speed to should not be less than 0.5M/S commonly, the speed inside the canal that discharge wind should not be less than 10M/S;
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