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Of class of star of Chinese travel hotel delimit guideline of standard of establ
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2, decorous: It is to show the integral environment of dining-room is comfortable and harmonious, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind making a person, but decorate a style not to have specific culture topic and distinctive artistic color, decorate charge for the making of sth. delicate fastidious, with makings is clever and attentive.
3, better: It is to show dining-room whole environment is harmonious, but without distinctive color, without apparent culture theme, environmental layout is in charge of without professional personage, lamplight processing is given priority to with functional sex illume, adornment sex illume is less.
45, is cold food made how space? How much is the appropriate temperature between cold food?
It is cold meat finished product cuts the place that deserves to load a tub between cold food. Of cold food make abide by “ person specially assigned for a task, only room, special tool, only the disinfection, “ that refrigerates ” only 5 only ” system. In its entry point should be set wash one's hands disinfect establishment enter beforehand; Between cold basin inside the air conditioning establishment with independent unit, maintain indoor air clean degree; Install ultraviolet light bactericidal lamp, fountainhead supply canal uses violet copper pipe to join, can give birth to drinkable source of water for receiving. Cause to prevent midge fly, between cold food inside drainage system should not install open drain, the ground must keep clean and clean. Partition of glass of usable aluminium alloy has space between cold food, send dish through the window, between cold food decorate should stand by equipment eat as far as possible. Appropriate temperature should be between cold food under 24 ℃ .
46, how to affirm whether the place between the dish that wash a bowl is logical?
The setting of dishwasher position should accord with clean corrupt the principle of billabong, the tableware that makes had been used between dining-room or treatment can send to this to wash conveniently clean processing undertakes between dish and remand stand-by. Additional, wash the position between the bowl to install what still should handle the rubbish such as good litter, contaminant to put, carry problem. In catharsis disinfection process, on one hand tableware is entered, on the other hand again clean tableware sends, so its clean, corrupt course must appropriate processing, avoid promiscuous with across. Accordingly, clean corrupt streamline billabong is clear, the position that does not have circuitous across is reasonable, conversely, for unreasonable.
47, between rough machining with answer between the operation how space? How much is the appropriate temperature between the operation?
It is between rough machining fruit, vegetable, aquatic product, birds, flesh kind the place that waits for raw material to machine initial semi-finished products. The program inside rough machining should be from corrupt to clean corrupt process, answer so special attention clean corrupt branch line and the clean after avoiding to machine corrupt flow backwards. Of the rubbish such as a large number of litter of the generation in working process carry a line cannot as promiscuous as clean content streamline. Because aquatic product reachs birds flesh kind product easily bacterial pollution, had better open its and space of greengrocery rough machining. Treatment is tasted with cooked food between treatment of food of setting meat or fish namely.
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