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Of class of star of Chinese travel hotel delimit guideline of standard of establ
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Common: This furniture do manual work is general, lacquer face also relatively level off, real wood binding off and corner joint are evener also, but the door and drawer close close owe level off, allow easy amlposition each other, stridulation of slideway Guan Qishi is bigger, the paint film after use period of time is easy flake, easy break of real wood joint, repair rate is higher.
About using paint: As a result of careful the sort of beautiful change and lacquer face differs, the paint of beautiful of plump, downy, exquisite, feel all belongs to every lacquer face high-grade. Thick, even, brightness reachs every paint film turn over luminosity tall, transparent achromatic paint is belonged to intermediate. Paint film inhomogenous or it is coloured lacquer, grain, changeful color belongs to cheap lacquer namely.
44, dining-room atmosphere is decorous, distinctive, is the environment decorated, are adornment and lamplight design had professional and decorous it is better to reach should how differentiate?
Of the atmosphere about dining-room divisional, use very hard accurate technical the method gives limit, the characteristic that can have the dining-room place of atmosphere of disparate arrangement of ideas only is elaborated come out.
1 , decorous, distinctive, environment is decorated, adornment and lamplight design are had professional, it is to point to:
(1 ) dining-room has a clear culture theme, for instance type of Chinese meal, Western-style food, day or Russian type from decorate a style to go up to look to have typical sex, all adornment languages and symbol change around theme of a culture, and theme of this kind of culture makes the sense that the person gives a kind of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind on annulus condition really truly, at the same time atmosphere of this kind of culture is the technique with him unique hotel. In recent years arisen thematic culture dining-room is typical and paradigmatic namely.
(2) the environment is decorated reach design of specific adornment technique, lamplight, show the technical staff that grooms through specializationing or service department are offerred, accord with the culture theme of dining-room not only, and mutual between cooperate clever, harmony to unite. Act the role of for instance article, essay of plant, land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another art, sculpture offer by professional personage, conduce to atmosphere of promotion dining-room text not only, and method of the management that can cooperate dining-room, sales promotion and metabolic adjustment. The design that lamplight specializations in the design is to point to to means of smooth color, intensity of illumination, illuminant is considered to wait for the influence of pair of repast environments, food, atmosphere by professional personage in designing a process. Adornment sex illume and functional sex illume have those who make clear is divisional, direct illume and indirect lighting are clever cooperate.
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