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Of class of star of Chinese travel hotel delimit guideline of standard of establ
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42, the divisional design that what is dining-room?
About the divisional design of dining-room, it is a different functional requirement and the area that use purpose differentiates to differ on dimensional layout essentially. This has two meanings. It is the function according to the function comes divisional, for instance the basic partition of dining-room is divided at least to make the area, area that send dish, repast division 3 functions area. The area that make also machines the area that make namely, this also but fractionize makes area and finished product blanket wait to area, finished product is processed first.
And dine area, hotel dining room of home should differentiate on big partition at least piece medicinal powder with the area between the bag (or secret division of public division and illicit) . And from the fractionize on the function, should reflect guest of go out to meet, wait, much person and little person repast, smoking and forbid area of smoking divide into equal parts, so, the design of dining-room is on planar layout, can fractionize gives each demand of different function, differentiate a meticulous function is divisional, can say this dining-room has divisional design so.
43, furniture cent reachs to be cent of 3 class plan to decorating in “ standard ” : It is high grade decorate material, decorate craft delicate, have luxurious stage, the furniture of form a complete set such as chair; 2 it is better decorate it is material, better to decorate craft, it is better to have stage, the furniture of form a complete set such as chair; 3 it is to decorate material commonly, decorate craft general, have stage, the furniture of form a complete set such as chair, specific how should limit?
High grade, better about furniture material cent, common these 3 class, want those who understand furniture to use material above all. Current wine inn-keeper is provided, no matter astral level is much higher what go up as a result of cost is wasteful reach the change with people beautiful careful, the hotel uses completely real wood rarely kind furniture, current furniture is normally: Man-made board combines real wood to make or union of material of metal of man-made board real wood, stone rises make. Man-made board basically is used at making grass-roots unit in furniture, wait for the bedplate of level off like ark of ark of desk, TV, baggage ark, the head of a bed, tea table or establish facial cent, and real wood is made receive edge and foot, leg to wait to prop up or become independent part. Asking aestheticly as a result of people is man-made board or real wood no matter, ask furniture surface layer has the feature with natural qualitative talent, appeared so the man-made plywood that the surface pledges for natural talent, for instance: The man-made that all sorts of surfaces such as maple plywood, Ju wood plywood, oak plywood pledge for natural talent board, the man-made with this kind of natural qualitative talent board the exterior layer that adds solid Mu Bian to comprise furniture, and it is below exterior layer artifical or all sorts of natural common plank. And furniture receives an edge to reach the part that prop up to use material to pledge with man-made plank character commonly identical or adjacent natural fact wood, the furniture that such making on ability whole beautiful nature.
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