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Ordinary clean water implement mix through adsorption of multistage filter core hold back foreign matter to make water, and the foreign matter keep that hold back in filter core, foreign matter is ceaseless in filter core rich collect, become the breeding ground that bacterium and virus breed quickly, be like not seasonable change filter core is endangered instead bigger, should not be commonly use.
The place on put together narrates: Option of plan of hotel potable water system is compared in sexual price fall quite, terminal cent nods water supply (UF exceeding filter) design of —— billabong type has an advantage, this design divides the feedback in restaurant application to achieve in domestic ministry expect the result, accord with national Ministry of Public Health " sanitation of water quality of life drinking water is normative " the inspect that defend a law is sent [2001] and newest nation structure design a standard to catchment (GB50015-2003) .
Central conduit waters continuously is regulatory current Cheng:
41, how to distinguish of tableware high-grade, better and common 3 class?
Commonly used tableware basically is comprised by china, stainless steel and glass service. As a result of the difference of dietary culture, the sort of tableware of type of Chinese and Western is endless and same, but the use of china is most extensive.
The sort of porcelain is various, but be not avery kind of to suit to make dinner service. Tableware is used frequent, often catharsis, grind delimit, collision, requirement porcelain is qualitative must hard. Use material to be beautiful with porcelain of high polymer ashes of the dead, aggrandizement porcelain and Gao Shiying porcelain commonly, general white porcelain is inferior. The china dinner service with excellent character has good diaphaneity, glaze coating is even, cleanness is not bubbly. The face is worn colour is divided by grade next the colour in be, colour and on colour. Colour is made in complex, craft difficulty is great, reason cost is relative on the high side. It is better that glaze of the colour below home is made sweet wine for Hunan hill area. The porcelain mud that this area produces contains phosphorous quantity to abound, porcelain is made solid, density is high, glair colour fades not easily, and have good quality.
Differentiate china dinner service actors or actress another index of bad is the appearance of household utensils finished product. Because porcelain burns the washing shrinkage issue in the process in kiln, change with the kiln that happens likely phenomenon, assure very hard to after china gives furnace to cool, not be out of shape, especially volume is large, the china of planar broadness, all the more is apparent. Because the china that this respect abroad imports uses advanced suppress technology, reduced greatly be out of shape degree.
What glass service holds proportion in tableware not quite. And basically use at goblet and beverage cup. High grade glass does not have foreign matter, without bleb, material contains lead the volume is high, treatment is careful, body semmetry. Return mix high-gradely natural and crystal elite.
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